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It feels like such a long 100 days, yet it also seems to have gone so quick! As I started my 100 happy days challenge on 1st January, it now means that we are almost a third of the way through the year, which is really crazy to think about!

I’m not going to lie, I think I found this challenge quite difficult to do. Trying to remember to take a photo every day, and to post it too (check out my instagram account!)

From looking at these photos, it would very much suggest that my darling Isla Bear makes me happy! Which is very true, plus I spend pretty much all of my time with her, so it makes sense that she features a lot!

So, here is my final 20 days of my 100 happy days challenge, days 81-100. Enjoy!


81. Because everybody needs two spoons to eat cereals..That have no milk on! Plus, hair!! She let me do her hair again, but it didn’t last too long…

82. Isla wanted to play hide and seek. She made Uncle Jamie hide under the blanket..And then refused to find him for ages!

83. Sowed some parsnips and carrots….First time so let’s see how they go!

84. I love this girl to the moon nd back, a million times….But I was so glad she was at nursery today. I spent it all in bed or on the sofa, feeling like I was dying with one of my headaches. Photo was obviously taken on a different day! She looks such a cheeky monkey here!

85. I love apps that let you look back on photos you took a year, two years, three years ago that day. They make you remember so much and realise what has changed. This was me and my girly a year ago. She has grown up so much since then. Sometimes she looks unrecognisable to how she used to be. Always my gorgeous girly though.

86. Looking dozy as anything in this photo as she’s tired and got a bit of a cold. But I think she looks so grown up, and she put the hair band on herself! She did then later have a hissy fit because I wouldn’t wear it (it’s too damn small!) but heyho!

87. I love a surprise package! Admittedly this one was for Isla, but still. She got a dress, jumper, and toy cash register from her Great Aunt, just because! The jumper is a bit quirky, but I love it as it is a similar style to a rainbow one Isla had (from the same Great Aunt) when she was a baby. This one is still too big for her right now, but she still loved wearing it, especially as it has buttons! Who doesn’t love buttons!?

88. It’s not the best quality photo of Isla, by any stretch of the imagination, but there is something about this photo that I can’t stop looking at. I think maybe it’s that you can see who she may be when she is older in it. She has had such a growth spurt recently, and her face has filled out, making her look so much older. I’ve look at this photo for so long tonight, trying to think of what words to write to go with it, I’m not sure anything would do her justice. She is beautiful.

89. My wonderful Mother-in-law sent us some flowers today. Aren’t they just beautiful! Cant wait until the lilies open too.

90. Today we had the most amazing roast lamb for dinner, studded with rosemary and garlic. And even better is there’s loads left over for making sandwiches and curry!

91. This morning we had a family trip to Odds Farm Park. It was Chris’ first visit, and he loved it…Though may have been more tired than Isla by the time we left. Isla was brave and fed the sheep. And oh my, there were some super cute baby goats there!!! Our visit was cut short though, as Isla absolutely LOVES splashing in puddles. Though after I left her wellies out in the rain last night (ooops) she just had trainers….Which resulted in VERY wet shoes, socks and trousers, and we had no spares. She had fun though.

92. Planted on a load of seedlings, and sowed loads of new seeds too – 3 types of sweetpeas, some zinnias, ipomoea, courgettes, and basil. Still lots more to plant. Just wish we had some window sills in this house so it was easier to get to the freezer!

93. Just finished another cross stitch! Managed to make a couple of small mistakes, like using too many threads for the French knots, and I’m not entirely convinced I’ve used all the right colours on the right place, but it doesn’t tell you which threads are which colour so I kind of had to guess! Really enjoyed doing it though. Might have to get myself another one to do…

94. We popped down to the allotment after Chris finished work as the weather has been so nice. We remade the 2 brick beds furthest away, and dug one over ready for planting some rainbow swiss chard in there. We also managed to acquire a picnic bench from a couple who have a house right by the allotments, they were going to take it to the tip but offered it to us instead and helped us carry it over to our plot. It’s in great condition and will be great for BBQs and picnics during the summer.

95. We had some absolutely gorgeous sunshine today, to the point I was out in a pub garden at 7:30 without a jumper or coat on, and wasn’t cold. Practically unheard of! Despite all this, Isla insisted on wearing a thick hat to go shopping, which she dubbed “Daddy’s hat”, even though he’s never worn it before as it’s mine! She’s such a funny character.

96. It’s always good to be back at Twickenham. Just a shame that Bath Rugby didn’t win. Fantastic atmosphere though, and great to see Jamie and Heather again.

97. A before and after shot of my patio that hubby and daddy cleaned for me. Shame I was ill with one of my headaches (again! 🙁 ) as I love a good play around with the pressure washer!

98. Mum and Dad have been at ours for the last few days, and it’s always lovely to see Isla with them. I love this photo of Isla cuddled up in bed with Mum reading a book. #EverybodyLovesMichaelRosen

99. Business cards for BlogOnX have arrived! Really looking forward to meeting loads of great brands and bloggers, as well as learning lots too!

100. My Family. They are usually the ones that make me want to scream and shout and rip my hair out, but they are also what makes me so very happy. I couldn’t imagine my life without them.

So there you are. 100 happy days! If you wanted to see 1-20, 21-40, 41-60, 61-80 the click the links. Also,  keep an eye out for #MonthOfMisery – a rather tongue in cheek  alternative to 100 happy days thought up by me and Sam when we did 100 happy days several years ago. Sam will be doing #MonthOfMisery at some point too, so check her blog out too.


#100 Happy Days 81-100 #101in1001


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