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#100 Happy Days 61-80 #101in1001 #73

Well this is the penultimate post for my 100 happy days challenge. Just 20 days left. I don’t know whether it’s because we were a bit busier during these 20 days, but I found them much easier than the previous 20! Anyway, here is days 61-80 of my 100 happy days challenge. Enjoy!

61. Thanks to Grandpa, Isla thinks there are sheep in our garden (even when there’s no snow!) She finds it hilarious!

62. Popped down to the allotment to check the fruit cage had survived the snow, as when it snowed in December the netting was nearly touching the floor from all the snow. Absolutely find this time, and our new greenhouse is still intact too, so that makes me happy!

63. Chris and Isla made a den in the living room. Isla loved hiding in there and took all her cuddly toys in with her! Meanwhile I was busy dying in bed with one of my headaches. I am so grateful that Chris does so much when I’m ill, the house looked like an absolute bomb site, by they both had fun, and he then tidied it all up again once Isla went to bed, and then gave me a head, neck and shoulder massage. I’ve got a good ‘un!

64. This photo was taken the other day, but I didn’t take any photos today cos I was still feeling rubbish. This gorgeous girly was at nursery this afternoon, which as horrible as it sounds, I was so thankful for! It meant I could go back to bed and sleep for another 4 hours, which I really needed. This morning though, she kept bringing me dolly’s blankets and giving me cuddles, which was so sweet….made up for the refusing to get dressed for nearly two hours!!

65. Found this book in Higginson Park in Marlow, left by the Book Fairies. I decided to elave it there though for someone who may actually get around to reading it. I love things like this, so fun and easy to do

66. Just finished off this cross stitch (and so another thing ticket off my list) I actually really enjoyed doing it, and it didn’t take me too long, though it is quite small. I’ve seen a lovely Noah’s Ark one in a shop in Marlow I might get next…Price depending though!

67. Had far too much food with some lovely friends. And I was good and didn’t have any of the chocolate fountain!

68. Had a lovely afternoon catching up with friends and kids (another child was running around the soft place somewhere)

69. Just started a new cross stitch, and at a more difficult level that requires an embroidery hoop! Can you guess what it is yet?

70. Lots of seedlings already come up, and a load more sown today, hope they all come up!

71. We met up with a friend at Basildon Park (National Trust) and Isla loved running around everywhere, splashing in puddles, and exploring the woodland

72. Getting there with my new cross stitch! You can actually tell what it is now…

73. Lovely belated birthday present from very thoughtful friends who thought that I could then create some blog posts from these lists!

74. There’s some super cute lambs at Odds Farm Park right now, and some gorgeous piglets too

75. Yes, he is sat with a princess party box on his head! He drives me mad so much of the time, but he does make me laugh!

76. Isla really wasn’t too sure about the snow to start, but she loved walking over the fresh snow after a while….Who doesn’t!?

77. I asked her if I could take a photo of her in her new slippers. She tilted her head to one side and said “cheeeese” I have no idea where she got that from!!!

78. Under Daddy’s t-shirt is a great place to hide when playing hide and seek apparently. We all then had to take turns hiding under it!

79. It is now officially Spring! There is blue sky and no signs of snow at the moment, and it almost feels warm as well! Now just to find time to get down the allotment!

80. I may have had to bribe her with a chocolate biscotti, and it isn’t the neatest by any stretch of the imagination, but Isla has finally let me put her hair up! This makes me VERY happy!

#100 Happy Days 61-80 #101in1001

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