101in1001 #2

#100 Happy Days 41-60 #101in1001 #73

Installment number three of my 100 happy days challenge, days 41-60. In some ways it feels as though this challenge has taken forever to complete, but then again parts of it really don’t seem that long ago! Hope you enjoy these photos that made me happy.



41. This monkey loved climbing at Nana’s house. I turned my back for 5 seconds and she was on the coffee table looking out the window for birds!

42. My wonderful Grandma on her 85th birthday. She’s a crazy woman, and yes, she died her hair pink especially for the day!! Gutted I missed her party with all the family.

43. Beautiful crocuses on the walk home from nursery. And my car finally got fixed!

44. Daffodils can brighten up any day. It’s been raining here, so daffodils in the living room have made me happy.

45. This is a really sad one! I’ve just cleaned my oven!! First time since we moved here over 4 years ago, and I don’t think it had been cleaned in the 5 years the previous people were living here!! Before, you couldn’t see through the glass as it was so covered in filth! The rest of the oven needs doing, but I couldn’t be bothered with that. One step at a time people!

46. Once I finally managed to get this little madam dressed (only took me 3 hours and a LOT of tears and screaming from her!) we went to feed the ducks. Isla seemed to really enjoy it, so we’re definitely going to do it more often. Plus we managed to do it between the torrential downpours and hail storms! It’s the little things in life

47. I managed to get Isla dressed, and it only took me 20 minutes from her waking up, as opposed to the 3+ hours it took me the previous day!! She did insist on wearing my hoody as well, but she looks super cute in it so I can cope with her stealing it

48. Had a fantastic day seeing lots of family. Isla was so good, especially as there were so many people around and she is super duper shy! Hung hey fat choi! Happy Chinese New Year!

49. Having a picnic at the allotment. While Isla napped I headed down to the allotment on my own to get some work done without interruptions, while Chris stayed at home with her and did gardening. When she woke up they came to join me and she just looked so sweet, and loved sitting on the pallets watching us work. She even held lots of worms afterwards and mostly loved it!

50. I had my lunch sat in the car. A free Waitrose coffee and some sushi while watching the motorway traffic drive by. Am I the only one that finds watching traffic drive past very therapeutic!?


51. Isla has been in such a crazy mood, starting with emptying *both* the boxes of clothes stored under our bed, repeatedly! She saw her spare pushchair under the stairs when I was putting something away and demanded it came out, so we went for a walk, where she cried cos we weren’t going to the children’s centre when she saw it, and then when we got home she refused to get out the pushchair for ages, and it had to stay in the living room until bedtime!

52. We had fantastic seats at the RSC seeing Twelfth Night. Amazing performance by everyone

53. Isla absolutely loves drawing, she can spend ages doing it. It’s so amazing to watch how her drawing is progressing well. She used to just scribble her pens back and forth in straight lines, here she drew this and said “circle” in such a proud voice! #proudmama

54. My lovely new blog design thanks to Zoe Corkhill

55. Such a productive week I think. On Wednesday afternoon we built a walk-in greenhouse at the allotment, today we built a shelving unit for the shed to tidy the place up a bit, then came home and cleaned the main and side garage door, front door, and the fascias on the garage and porch. Lots more planned for tomorrow

56. Bought this table and chair set for £4 at the local tips’ recycling shop. Love a bargain. There was plenty of other things I could have bought too, but Chris may have gone a bit mad as I was meant to be dropping things off, not buying them! Isla seems to like it

57. I *finally* finished the jigsaw puzzle! It also means that I’ve now completed 7 goals in a week (which is actually 8 goals!)

58. Isla has just discovered pockets. It is so adorable, she keeps trying to put everything in her pockets, and now walks around with her hands in her pockets, even if it does mean slouching lots

59. I think I am far more excited than I should be about the arrival of my new label maker!

60. We finally got snow! I’m such a big kid when it comes to snow!

#100 Happy Days 41-60 #101in1001


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