101in1001 #2

#100 Happy Days 21-40 #101in1001 #73

Here is installment number two of my 100 happy days challenge. You can find the first 20 days here. So here is days 21-40! Enjoy


21. This is apparently how you watch TV…In a rocking horse, with a doll’s cot on your head! This girl makes me laugh so much every day

22. Isla’s hair is getting fairly long these days. But she refuses to let me tie, clip or pin it back in the slightest! I’m persevering though and hoping one day she will get used to it. I managed a little pony tail here, for about 10 seconds til she found the bobble and pulled it out. I think it looks super cute though

23. This is a really sad one! Got these mini wraps which hopefully will be perfect for making quesadillas in our toasty machine…The normal size ones are just too big and you end up wasting loads. See, told you it’s sad!

24. We were sent this to review ages ago, but a couple of the pieces were slightly broken during delivery (we were sent something else to review) So I decided to glue them all together and put them on display. These are now just above Isla’s bedroom door

25. Chris and I sat and watched this crazy girl on the baby monitor. She has now figured out how to un-popper and un-zip her sleep bag, and unclip her dummy from it. She then throws them out the cot and shouts “uh-oh” It doesn’t stop there though. she then leans through the bars to pick up her sleep bag…and throws it over the side of the cot again!

26. I didn’t manage to take any photos on this day, simply because we had a busy day with friends. The morning was spent with an NCT friend at soft play, and the evening was spent at a friends’ house for an overdue catch up with pizza and wine, cos that is what life is about!

27. An impromptu visit to see some of my favourite people. Love seeing them. Isla also discovered she loves white bait, and is stuffing her face with it here!

28. No photos taken on this day either. I spent pretty much all day in bed with one of my headaches. But my darling hubby looked after Isla all day, he even managed to do a bit of gardening! There were a couple of strops…I’ll let you decide who from!! But I am so thankful that Chris is so helpful when I’m ill, looking after us all

29. She drove me mad this morning, but I can’t help but laugh at her. Isla refused to get dressed today, and putting a nappy on was a fight. She’s always happy to wear her wellies though, even if it is on her hands!

30. Popped into The Butchers Tap to get some meat to make lasagne. Will definitely have to go back again for a pint and something to eat. Isla loves to carry bags at the moment, how cute does she look with this one!?


31. A lovely clean, less cluttered bathroom. I spent ages blitzing our bathroom, and getting rid of loads of half used toiletries we no longer use

32. No press pass tickets to review it this year, but it will still be amazing! Can’t wait!

33. After nearly 2 months I finally got my watch back!! Took it to get a new battery at the start of December, they broke the glass when putting the back back on, so had to send it off to be fixed. I think they either forgot to send it or it got lost at some point as they were whispering about it when I went in a couple of weeks later to find out what was going on! Anyway, it’s finally back, all working and fixed! I missed having a watch soooo much!

34. Had an amazing afternoon tea at Hartwell House for my birthday

35. Came home from a fab night away to a lovely surprise from the tax man!

36. Started a jigsaw puzzle. I don’t think I’ve done one in about 3 years….Let’s see how long it takes me to complete

37. My little girl is growing up so fast right now, What made me happy though is when she finally had a nap cos she’s been so full of attitude all day!!! I love nap time!

38. Sending my first letters to my new penpals, thanks to The Reading Residence.

39. I always forget as to how yummy these are. You can’t beat the old classics!

40. Writing Nana’s birthday card! She was concentrating so hard, bless her!


Don’t forget to check back here to see the next 20 days!

#100 Happy Days 21-40 #101in1001

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