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100 Happy Days

So as I mentioned in this post I am starting the 100 Happy Days Challenge. This consists of taking a picture for 100 days in a row of the little things that make you happy. It should help me to appreciate the little things in life, and help to reduce stress, and give me a more positive outlook on things. That’s the plan anyway. Check out my Instagram page for daily updates and little explanations.

So this page will be where I keep a log of those 100 Happy Days, starting on 2nd March 2014



Day 1

Caramel Macchiato and a Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffin




Day 2

Hot water bottle, easter egg and a film!




Day 3

Hopefully the penultimate car load of stuff to take over to the house




Day 4

Saying goodbye to my flat, and leaving it spotless and gleaming. My kitchen has never been so clean!




Day 5

Gas hobs! Oh how I’ve missed you!




Day 6

So much cleaning has really dried my hands out. Love my new hand cream




Day 7

Found a Mars bar and bottle of coke in my bag! Bonus!




Day 8

Thanks to my daddy and hubby I now have a shower screen, roll on the showers!




Day 9

Really starting to enjoy my morning coffee while reading before work




Day 10

Oooh! We have heating! That words!




Day 11

Oooh, my canvas arrived! Keep an eye out for my review!




Day 12

Dandelion and Burdock is guaranteed to brighten my day!




Day 13

Out for dinner with great friends





Day 14

Birthday boy is punting on the Cam – glorious weather





Day 15

Beautiful sky driving home





Day 16

My gorgeous husband, fast asleep





Day 17

A very large cup of Milka hot chocolate





Day 18

I love my kindle!





Day 19

Hubby bought me a creme egg to apologise for being a moody bum!





Day 20

Bought this super cute post rack today, I love it!





Day 21

Starting a new craft project with the bathroom mirror





Day 22

Not a great pic, but finished decorating the bathroom





Day 23

CDM always makes me happy!





Day 24

Ice cream and Australia Masterchef Final





Day 25

Love starting a new book





Day 26

Love our new bed, sooooo comfy!





Day 27

Love my new chalkboard – OK, not new, bought it nearly 2 years ago, but finally gone up!





Day 28

New door mat!





Day 29

Lots of pictures put up today, really starting to feel like home





Day 30

Hubby doing some decorating – nearly finished!!





Day 31

Beautiful afternoon sun while waiting for hubby to pick me up




IMG_20140402_223516Day 32

Oops! Two bags of these may have accidentally slipped into my basket at lunch!





Day 33

Home made sushi!





Day 34

New jar to keep all our wine cork memories in





Day 35

Weekend away in Brighton and we’re watching The Voice in bed on a Saturday night!





Day 36

My boy, just finished the Brighton Marathon in 4:14:12, not bad for his first time!





Day 37

2p machines on the pier – can keep me entertained for hours!





Day 38

A small selection of our frog (and Turk) menagerie





Day 39

Lovely blue sky and blossom on the trees on my way to a meeting





Day 40

Hubby cancelled date night, boo! But now I have chocolate, coffee and Netflix so I’m happy





Day 41

I got a fax from Jesus! Made me chuckle





Day 42

Over 2 months after first ordering a sofa we finally have one in our house




IMG_20140413_210235Day 43

First BBQ of the season




IMG_20140414_194719Day 44

Up in the Gods at The Royal Albert!





Day 45

Not a great picture, but we now have Hive! Loving the graphs on the website





Day 46

Zoecorkhill knows how to make me happy





Day 47

Our new kitchen clock





Day 48

I haven’t had a Dave (shakeaways) in aaaages!




IMG_20140419_205314Day 49

New curtains up in the 2nd bedroom, slowly getting there




IMG_20140420_213743Day 50

Anyone would think I like salted caramel




IMG_20140421_225205Day 51

My boy is a silly!




IMG_20140422_214805Day 52

My lovely new tea box




IMG_20140424_112940Day 53

Nice cold cider after a long day at work




IMG_20140425_221138Day 54

My lovely little corner where we had dinner last night




IMG_20140425_221316Day 55

Salted caramel profiteroles




IMG_20140426_225839Day 56

Started painting the upstairs doors, look a million times better already with just one coa




IMG_20140430_224843Day 57

Sanding die the coffee table with our new power sander, soooo much fun!




IMG_20140430_225007Day 58

FREE coffee with my Costa points




IMG_20140430_225155Day 59

I love these flowers in our little plant pot




IMG_20140430_225339Day 60

The weird angry looking alien in our downstairs toilet door always makes me smil




IMG_20140430_225629Day 61

Muddy trainers after my second #c25k run




IMG_20140501_224130Day 62

New latte glasses! (With milka hot chocolate in)




IMG_20140506_220747Day 63

Attacking Emma’s desk while she’s gone




IMG_20140506_220910Day 64

The boy bought me flowers cos he’s abandoning me for a week




IMG_20140506_221104Day 65

Afternoon in the sun with my bro and his mrs




IMG_20140506_221312Day 66

On a blogging mission – 4 posts written and scheduled




IMG_20140506_221726Day 67

Just seen a hedgehog in our garden




IMG_20140518_191650Day 68

Couple of pints with good friends




IMG_20140518_191810Day 69

Cheeky McDonald’s for dinner after working late




IMG_20140518_191920Day  70

Once again, my boy is a silly




IMG_20140518_192050Day 71

Massive bruise reminding me of some great ceilidhing, bad too!




IMG_20140518_192208Day 72

Gorgeous dinner at The Caxton Grill for our first wedding anniversary!




IMG_20140518_192345Day 73

Healthy breakfast!




IMG_20140518_192438Day 74

Lovely view of the Thames from Marlow Bridge driving home




IMG_20140518_192700Day 75

Cheeky selfie with my boy




IMG_20140518_193019Day 76

Wild Boar sausages, mash, beans, onions and gravy at The Sausage Tree in High Wycombe




IMG_20140518_193203Day 77

Boys trying to find their golf balls




IMG_20140601_111850Day 78

Beautiful sunset from our front door




IMG_20140601_112015Day 79

Found a great card, now who to give it to?




IMG_20140601_113428Day 80

Ooops, may have had a Cheese Savoury relapse




IMG_20140601_113652Day 81

Love a good read in the bath




IMG_20140601_121727Day 82

It shouldn’t make me happy, but I laughed so much when the door to my tumble dryer came off in my hand!




IMG_20140601_121841Day 83

This cupboard is the only thing to make me happy today after a pot hole broke my car




IMG_20140601_122005Day 84

Trying out testers for my hideous Green downstairs toilet




IMG_20140601_122119Day 85

Just a selection of the drugs that make me slightly happy when I’ve got a cracking headache 🙁




IMG_20140601_122238Day 86

Chopped back the hedge the other week and found a rose hidden in it. It’s just come out in Bloom




IMG_20140601_122357Day 87

It’s date night!




IMG_20140601_123349Day 88

This is a challenge I could do!




IMG_20140601_123456Day 89

Getting home after it taking 1 3/4 hrs to get back from work




IMG_20140601_123619Day 90

Mmmmm Chocolate covered peanuts




IMG_20140601_123736Day 91

A productive day painting our bedroom




IMG_20140601_222651Day 92

Found this in the green house today, no idea what it is, but it’s pretty




IMG_20140603_222125Day 93

Nom Nom Nom




IMG_20140603_222357Day 94

Curled up in bed with my snuggly #27yearoldkid #cantsleepwithoutfroggy




IMG_20140605_211210Day 95

Got this in the post today. Lakeland is my crack




IMG_20140605_211400Day 96

Massive celebration dinner at Blue’s Smoke House




IMG_20140607_223818Day 97

Well that’s my weekend sorted




IMG_20140607_223958Day 98

New carpet, horrible sofa bed!




IMG_20140608_220538Day 99

Our ‘lovely bride’ Rose has finally flowered! 🙂




IMG_20140609_222320Day 100

New canvases for the study arrived today. All photos from our honeymoon in New York





COMPLETED 100 Happy Days Challenge on 9th June 2014


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