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#100 Happy Days 1-20 #101in1001 #73


#100 Happy Days 1-20 #101in1001

I really enjoyed completing the 100 Happy Days challenge when I did it last time, so thought it would be a great idea to try it again this time. The idea is to take a photo of something that makes you happy, every day for 100 days. To look at the small things in life and appreciate them. Apparently 71% of people do not complete this task, and I can honestly understand why. It is difficult to remember to take a photo every day (I’m amazed at people who complete the #365 challenge!) I’ll admit, there are days where I have forgotten to take photos, or been too ill to do so, in those cases then I think about what has made me happy that day and find a picture from elsewhere! Cheating a bit, but it is still stopping to think about what makes me happy.

So, here are my first 20 days of the 100 happy days challenge. Enjoy!


  1. My crazy girl, stuffing her face with rice crackers (her new fave), while wearing two coats to protect her from the rain outside!
  2. This is Isla’s new pose for when I ask to take a photo of her!
  3. Part of my Christmas present from my brother and his girlfriend. It’s a sound wave of the song I walked down the aisle to (which Jamie played on the guitar for us)
  4. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Bicardi and Coke, while watching Australian Masterchef!
  5. Isla and her Daddy reading together
  6. Some of the flower seeds we plan to grown in our garden and allotment this year
  7. Spent the afternoon down the allotment. We took Isla’s Christmas present – a sand and water table that we got specifically for the allotment. Though we had no sand, and the water was too cold to play in, so Isla played with stones instead! We weeded half the fruit cage and a couple of beds. Extended one of the brick paths, planted some bulbs, and picked some leeks and kale for dinner.
  8. I LOVE salted caramel. Might have eaten all of these in one sitting. Oops!
  9. Isla decided that Dolly needed her nappy changing this afternoon and got everything out, and then gave a wipe etc.
  10. Not exciting, but it made me happy. A pile of things to take to the charity shop…I may have then bought myself a pair of trousers and a book, but also did a Random Act of Kindness – a man wanted to buy some tiny baby booties, but didn’t have enough change, and the amount wasn’t enough to put on card, so I bought them for him.




11. Lime and Coriander Chutney poppadoms. These gorgeous things are my crack!!
12. Isla wanted to do some drawing. I drew her a flower, and she spent a long time really concentrating on colouring in within the lines. I think we may have budding artist on our hands
13. We’ve had these shelves for months, but we finally got round to putting them up on the stairs. Might have a bit more of a play around with that’s displayed on them, but so glad we finally got them up
14. Isla decided she wanted to wear Daddy’s clothes. She does love her Daddy….most the time!
15. Brand new bedding…straight out the packet, creases and all!
16. My gorgeous sleepy girly having a feed after her nap
17. I went to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect 3. On my own. the last time I went to the cinema on my own was to see The Lovely Bones, so that must have been….2009! I left the house with just my phone, keys and purse (Isla was a nursery) it felt very strange! But it was great, to just spend some time to myself for once. And as cheesy as the film was, I enjoyed it!
18. My favourite time of the day…snuggles and playing in bed with my girly in the morning
19. Isla cuddling her baby, with baby’s brand new blanket knitted by Nana so baby doesn’t get cold
20. Looking cool with bracelets, shades and a cap! Isla enjoyed shopping after seeing the dentist…but not letting the dentist look at her teeth at all!!


Don’t forget to check back to see my next 20 days!

#100 Happy Days 1-20 #101in1001

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