The Sunshine Blogger Quiz

I was tagged by Susan from You Are My Sunshine┬áin The Sunshine Blogger Quiz. I’ve always loved doing random quizzes like this. Who remembers the days when you used to get random quizzes that you would email between friends?

So here are the questions I got given by Susan:

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Living Arrows 7/52

Living Arrows 7/52

We’re on week 7 now of linking up with Living Arrows over at What The Redhead Said, and I’m loving it. I love that it encourages me to take photos of Isla. When she was first born I would take loads of her. Like hundreds! After she hit around 5-6 months or so, I think I tended to slow down a lot with taking photos though. Continue reading →

40 weeks and 5 days

Today Isla has been out for as long as she was in. 40 weeks and 5 days.

That’s a really weird feeling for me, as it seems like she has been out for a lot longer than she was in. I was probably about 5 weeks along by the time we knew we were expecting our little Blueberry, Continue reading →

Living Arrows 6/52

How are we already in the 6th week of the year? It’s flying by so quickly…my baby girl is going to be 1 in just 12 weeks! I’m not ready for that! Week six of the year also means that were are in the sixth week of Living Arrows.

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Isla Jean at 9 months

It really does only seem like yesterday that I was writing Isla Jean’s 8 month update. And now I’m writing about Isla Jean at 9 months old. Can time just stand still please?

Every month she is developing and changing so much, and it is wonderful to watch. But…my baby is growing up. Soon she won’t be a baby anymore!

So here are a few things that she’s been doing this last month Continue reading →